Rob Postma

Since 1990, Rob has been working with metal.  From his high school machine shop and working as a machinist to brazing and TIG welding bicycle frames, Rob had a passion for fabricating metal. It wasn’t until Rob discovered sheet metal that knew he had found his career. In 2002, Rob entered the sheet metal trade […]

Connie DelRossi

Connie began working for the Sheet Metal Institute in September of 1997. She came to SMI with no prior knowledge of the sheet metal trade, apprenticeships or how the union operated.  Throughout the years she has been with SMI, she has gained a broad knowledge of the apprenticeship program and sheet metal trade.  She has […]

Rachael Wright

Rachael has 15 years of experience in management and customer service, specializing in operational management, training, and development. She has been employed at the Sheet Metal Institute since 2019 and has previously worked for the Oregon Clinic and Tommy Hilfiger. Throughout her career, Rachael has mentored numerous employees. One of the biggest challenges she encountered […]

Ben Wood

Ben has been in the sheet metal trade for 25 years with metal fabrication as his primary background.   From ornate architectural features to automated machine guarding, Ben has designed and fabricated a wide variety of things. Ben was in the apprenticeship program at the Sheet Metal Institute Local 16 from 1995-2000.  He worked at Schmeer […]

Jason Leslie

Jason began working in construction in 2007. Most of his career has been in welding and industrial fabrication. He joined SMART Local 16 in 2012 as a production journeyman. With goals of diversifying his skillset and earning more money, he joined the building trades apprenticeship in 2016. Throughout his career, Jason has had a strong […]

Eric Clayton

Eric grew up in Southwest Washington. After high school he began a career in commercial real estate. He left real estate in 2009 looking for a more stable career. After a short time working as a youth director, in 2011 Eric decided to join SMART Local 16. While working on his building trades apprenticeship, he began taking […]

Rick Doty, Jr.

Rick has been in the sheet metal trade for 26 years, joining the Local Union 16 apprenticeship program in August 1994. Rick started in the trade because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to spend the time and money necessary to attend college. Family friends, who owned a union sheet metal shop, introduced him to […]

Will Thompson

Will has been a sheet metal worker for the last 28 years.  He has enjoyed his time installing panels in the rain, on the side of a buildings, and working in shops.   His greatest moments in the trade include helping individuals succeed and being a part of a team.   Will is excited to join the […]

Paul Culp

Paul has 34 years of experience in metal fabrication, 25 years as a union journeyman. He worked for his father as a race car fabricator and was influenced by his father to enter the sheet metal trade. Paul has been an instructor at the Sheet Metal Institute since January 2020. He has specialized in specialty […]

Brandon York

Brandon has been in the field of sheet metal for 13 years.  He started his career working non-union in the field working in architectural sheet metal.   Several years into his career, he discovered the union and decided to join.  Instead of just buying his card, he joined the apprenticeship program so he could learn all […]

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