Bob Schaefer

Part-Time Instructor

Bob began his apprenticeship 1978 and completed it in 1982. He received journeyman status in 1982. Most of his experience has been in the HVAC industry as well as some architectural and industrial work. Bob worked for Streimer Sheet Metal Works his entire career spending 14 years as a shop foreman. He is now retired. He has been involved in teaching in the apprenticeship program at the Sheet Metal Institute since the mid 1990’s. Bob began by teaching apprentices when the program was a night school. When the program changed to a day school six days a week, Bob taught apprentices on Saturdays. He currently instructs Thursday nights for the study hall class, reviewing what apprentices have learned that week and helping them prepare for the following week.

Bob takes a personal interest in helping apprentices learn and grasp different concepts presented to them through the apprenticeship program. Bob is always willing to help out around the training center when something needs repair.

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