Sheet Metal Institute


Opportunities in Sheet Metal Work


Your career in the sheet metal industry starts with apprenticeship, but doesn’t end once you achieve journeyperson status. Our combination of classroom work plus on-the-job training will get you started on the right path. Below are possible job opportunities that will help you grow your career in a specific market sector. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Commercial HVAC
  • Installer
  • Service technician
  • Supervisor
  • Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB)
  • Technician
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) technician
  • Energy management technician
  • Commissioning agent
  • Project manager
  • Detailer
Architectural Sheet Metal
  • Solderer
  • Fabricator
  • Crew leader
  • Designer
  • Project manager
  • Customer sales and service
Service and Refrigeration
  • Installer
  • Service technician
  • System evaluator
  • Energy consumption manager
Residential HVAC
  • Residential installer
  • Air conditioning installer
  • Systems retrofit technician
  • HVAC service technician
  • Industrial welder
  • Custom fabricator
  • Pipe welder
  • Grinder and finisher
  • Press brake operator
  • Power slip roll operator
  • Shearing machine operator
  • Plasma cutter operator
Testing, Adjusting and Balancing
  • Energy management Indoor air quality
  • Building systems commissioning
  • Sound and vibration testing
  • Life safety control systems
  • HVAC installation or system controls
  • System design
  • Project management or facility management
  • Clean room work or certification
Provides a salary that might not increase

Doesn't provide many new challenges

Limits your area of responsibility

Limits your business contacts

Limits your opportunities

Limited benefits

Can often be boring

Keeps you in one place

Only offers basic training

Offers few or no retirement options

Provides few opportunities to contribute

Provides a salary that will increase

Gives you more opportunities to grow

Offers a wide-ranging network of contacts

Tests your ability to think and learn

Challenges your skills

Opens doors to many opportunities

Offers industry-recognized comprehensive education and training

Offers insurance, pension and industry-assisted training

Offers opportunities for travel

Provides many opportunities to contribute to the industry and to your community

Provides many opportunities for a second career in the industry