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The Sheet Metal Institute is excited to announce a groundbreaking opportunity for our apprentices. Thanks to an innovative partnership with Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), graduates of our comprehensive 5-year program will automatically earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree upon completion.

Traditional Union Apprenticeship Programs

Historically, students in some union apprenticeship programs could earn credits toward an associate degree for their classroom hours. However, they typically needed to complete an additional 15 credit hours at a local community college to receive the degree. This additional coursework often resulted in extra time and financial investment for students.

Our Forward-Thinking Approach

At the Sheet Metal Institute, we strive to provide our apprentices with the best opportunities for both professional and academic success. Through our collaboration with MHCC, apprentices can now receive their associate degree without needing extra coursework beyond our comprehensive program. This approach not only streamlines the path to an academic qualification but also saves our graduates an average of $2,200 in tuition and fees.

We are proud to be one of the first union apprenticeship training centers in the nation to offer this invaluable benefit. Our graduates leave with:

  • Exceptional hands-on experience and skills.
  • A recognized academic qualification that enhances career prospects and professional growth.


Retroactive Degree Eligibility

In addition to offering this opportunity to new graduates, we have extended this benefit retroactively to those who completed our training program after June 2018. Eligible graduates can apply for their associate degree by following the steps outlined on our website.

The Sheet Metal Institute remains committed to providing exceptional training and education to our apprentices. Our partnership with MHCC is just one of the many ways we are working to ensure the success of our graduates in their professional journeys.

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